The only club that works directly with the University and the oldest club on campus

Leadership Development

The Californians place a large amount of importance on the continuing development of its membership. Monthly leadership enhancement events are planned and open to members and other Cal leaders. An organization-wide leadership retreat also takes place during the year. Members are encouraged to complete their repertoire of leadership tools during their time with the organization. Our ultimate goal is to have our members assume important leadership roles in the community and workplace after graduation.


Every member of the Californians is entitled to serve as an ambassador at special university events. Members of the Californians network with some of the University community’s most influential individuals – campus administrators, alumni, and campus special guests.


The Californians is an organization dedicated to serving the students, staff, and alumni of the University of California, Berkeley. In serving the University and establishing relationships with Cal alumni, members of the Californians can greatly enrich their Cal experience. As a developing organization with ambitious goals, the Californians provides students who exhibit leadership potential and dedication to their campus and community with the opportunity to hold influential positions within the organization.



December Graduates Convocation

An event for over 2,800 seniors that complete their studies in the fall, Californians works with the University and California Alumni Association to plan the ceremony in the Zellerbach Playhouse and reception that follows. The highlight of the ceremony is the keynote speaker, traditionally given by a prestigious alumnus. Last December the Mayor of Oakland Jerry Brown was invited by the Californians to deliver the keynote address.
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Career and Networking Seminar

IMG_0350We have expanded our traditional Alumni Networking Seminar! As always, this event is meant for all students regardless of major! Now, in addition to meeting Alumni professionals from various career fields, workshops on how to improve networking techniques will also be provided. Students have the chance to find a mentor, potential job openings, and internships. The purpose of the Career and Networking Seminar is to help students learn valuable networking skills prior to the event and while interacting with Alumni.

Etiquette Dinner

The Californians’ Etiquette Dinner offers students an opportunity to learn the standards in dining practice alongside their peers. Attendees will be guided through a full-course meal by an etiquette expert, learning the basics from which fork to use to appropriate topics of conversation. The skills taught and developed during the event provide a strong basis for professional dining interaction across diverse occupational fields.

Cal 101 Student Panel

A panel of students representing all facets of Berkeley life share their insights, practical advice, and own personal perspectives on life at Cal with hundreds of current and prospective students during Cal Day.


Californians' annual "Cal 101" workshops for prospective students and parents at Cal Day.
Californians’ annual “Cal 101″ workshops for prospective students and parents at Cal Day.

Senior Week

A week of fun filled activities planned by the senior branch. It is the last chance for seniors to enjoy themselves before they embark onto their different paths in life. Past Events planned include a Blue & Gold Cruise Party on the SF Bay, baseball game at PacBell Park, Paint the Big C, and Senioritis Carnival.

May Commencement

Occurring in May, seniors from all academic disciplines celebrate their graduation from UC Berkeley. A Commencement Convocation Keynote Speaker will be selected by the Californians. Past Keynote speakers include ABC Anchor Ted Kopel, Actor Bill Cosby, and Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

Club Social Events

Social events are an opportunity for all members to meet and connect with other students as well as have fun. Therefore we encourage all members to participate. Some social events planned for this semester include:

  • Trip to the ballpark – Oakland A’s Game or SF Giants’ Game
  • Homecoming Rally
  • Pre Game Barbeque
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Game Night
  • Bowling Night
  • Secret Santa

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