Mission Statement

The mission of the Californians is to foster a dynamic group dedicated to campus and community service, provide leadership development and class unity for the purpose of making today’s active students into tomorrow’s active alumni.



Current students answer questions from prospective students.

The Californians is an organization dedicated to serving the students, staff, and alumni of the University of California, Berkeley. The group strives to promote leadership and class unity and provides its members with the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the University. In serving the University and establishing relationships with Cal alumni, members of the Californians can greatly enrich their Cal experience. As a developing organization with ambitious goals, the Californians provides students who exhibit leadership potential and dedication to their campus and community with the opportunity to
hold influential positions within the organization.



Role of Leadership Development

Californians enjoy the view while at Member's Retreat: Santa Monica.


The Californians place a large amount of importance on the continuing development of its membership. Monthly leadership enhancement events are planned and open to members and other Cal leaders. An organization-wide leadership retreat also takes place during the year. Members are encouraged to complete their repertoire of leadership tools during their time with the organization. Our ultimate goal is to have our members assume important leadership roles in the community and workplace after graduation.




Role of Ambassadorship

Californians Seniors meet Professor Alexei Filippenko, who gave the 2012 Last Lecture.

Every member of the Californians is entitled to serve as an ambassador at special university events. Members of the Californians network with some of the University community’s most influential individuals – campus administrators, alumni, and campus special guests.


Ambassadorship is not a requirement for membership, but members are encouraged to take advantage of fantastic opportunities to meet new people.





The Californians is a cohesive unit of student leaders working together to accomplish the goals of the organization.
The Californians is composed of a Student Director, an executive cabinet, a Senior Branch, and Project Committees. To view the complete organizational structure of the Californians, view our officers page.

As the external contact and the individual responsible for the success of the Board of Representatives, the Overall Student Director is the primary contact person for the Californians. Each individual project committee, although autonomous, is an integral component of the organization as a whole.